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puncture repair

Sharp objects present on the road like debris, nails, and screws, etc. can greatly damage your tyre’s tube and cause punctures. These punctures lead to loss of control over the vehicle and hence compromise on the safety of the motorist and other road users. 

If you notice any cuts or holes in your car’s tyre or a sudden decrease in the inflation level of your tyres, you must get them inspected for damages and punctures as soon as possible. Our trained professionals at Fiveways Tyres utilise quality assessment procedures and modern tools to provide your vehicle with an efficient puncture repair Mildenhall.

Advantages of puncture repair

Enhanced safety

Puncture repair helps to improve your car’s overall safety by repairing the damages within the tyre tube, and retaining the sidewall integrity. This assists in maintaining proper vehicle control and efficient grip on diverse terrains.

Save unwanted expenses

Getting a punctured repaired on time assists to reduce the risk of damages to the wheels and suspension system of the vehicle. This helps you in saving huge repair and replacement costs.

Instances when puncture repair is not possible

  1. If the tyre tread depth measures below 1.6 mm
  2. Hollow and wide cuts enough to damage the steel belts inside the tyre
  3. The tyre is a run flat tyre
  4. Any damages in the sidewall
  5. The tyre has exposed chords
  6. Bulges

If you notice any signs of puncture in your car tyre, do not drive any further as it can lead to dangerous situations. Park your car at someplace safe, away from the traffic, and call us for our emergency puncture repair assistance. We offer quick and efficient mobile tyre fitting services to help you maintain safety at all times.

Dangers of driving with punctured tyres

Reduced safety and comfort

Driving a car with punctured tyres can lead your vehicle to lose the necessary grip and result in accidents. Also, a punctured tyre causes increased friction and heat build-up inside the tyre that can cause tyre blowout. It also lead to a lot of driving issues like increased rolling resistance, loss of control, and unresponsive steering, etc. that may reduce the overall safety and comfort of the ride.

Costly repairs

Punctured tyres not only pose a threat to your safety, but also causes premature tyre wear, and groove degradation. This further results in the need for expensive tyre replacements.

Symptoms of punctured tyres

  • In case you feel that your car is pulling itself towards one side of the road, you should get your tyres checked for punctures.
  • If you experience any difficulties while accelerating or feel a backward pull, ensure to stop your car on the side of the road and inspect the tyres thoroughly.
  • If you notice any cuts, or bulges, get the tyres replaced.
  • If you experience that your tyre is going flat, please get help immediately or the TPMS installed in your car warns you about the reduced tyre pressure, meet an expert immediately.

Drive to our garage today!

Visit Fiveways Tyres today, and get you tyres inspected for damages and punctures by professionals. We use modern tyre sealant and tools to provide your car with seamless puncture repair Mildenhall in the best time possible. Also, if you need to get your tyres replaced, you can choose from our stock of seasonal, 4x4, performance, and run-flat tyres that are engineered to improve your car’s performance and safety.

If you want more information, please call us on +44 1638 718448, come to see us or send us an email.

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