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Tyre labelling was introduced in 2012 by the European Union. It was introduced to grade different types of tyres, according to their performance standards based on gripping, noise reduction, and fuel efficiency. 

Below-mentioned are the primary parameters on which the EU is grading tyres.

Wet Grip

When it comes to tyre labelling, EU grades tyres between ‘A’ to ‘G’. Usually, ‘A’ rated tyres are known for superior gripping. Similarly, ‘G’ rated will provide reduced wet gripping capabilities. This means that you will experience lesser braking distance with tyres rated as ‘A’ than ‘G’.

Please Note: D and G are not used for cars.

Fuel Economy

The European Union grades your car tyres for fuel efficiency based on its rolling resistance. Just like wet grip, fuel economy label varies from ‘A’ to ‘G’ as well. Tyres marked as ‘A’ will offer reduced rolling resistance and put less stress on the engine because of their unique tread and groove pattern. Further, reduction in rolling resistance means better fuel economy for the vehicle. 

Please Note: D grading is not used for regular passenger vehicles.

Noise Reduction

Quieter ride enhances the level of comfort while covering long miles. If you want to buy the best tyres with the least external noise, you can find wave symbols on the tyre. These symbols represent the level of noise a tyre produces. The less the number of wave bars, the lower will be the noise produced by the tyre. 

You can find the tyre label Mildenhall attached to the tread of a new tyre and select the one which best suits your driving style and budget.

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