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It is essential to buy an excellent set of branded tyres for your vehicle. They help to provide improved traction and braking on diverse terrains. However, it can be quite difficult to purchase an ideal tyre for your vehicle. We recommend investing in a nice pair of Pirelli tyres for your vehicle with excellent benefits.

Founded in 1872 in Milan, Pirelli Tyres is known to have developed many rubber products. It is an excellent brand which manufactures high-quality tyres. It aims to produce technologically advanced tyres like PNCS and run-flat, so you can drive smoothly even after a puncture.

Fiveways Tyres deals in all major tyre brands including Pirelli. If you are looking to buy new tyres, our team of experts are always ready to help you. We will guide you and help you select the best tyres for your car.

You can choose among the following models of Pirelli Tyres:

Pirelli Cinturato P7

Cinturato P7 by Pirelli is a summer tyre with high-quality performance. The tyre is focused on providing great performance on wet roads. It comes with symmetric tread design to grip on both wet and dry roads.

  • Low rolling resistance to enhance the mileage
  • Reduced external noises to ensure a comfortable driving experience
  • Reduced braking distance, thanks to a special groove construction

Pirelli Cinturato All-Season

Cinturato All-Season by Pirelli Tyres Mildenhall is designed for diverse weathers and road conditions. The tyre comes with European technology and is best suited for people who drive in urban areas.

  • Enhanced gripping and stability on both dry and icy roads
  • Reduced braking distances because of its sipe construction
  • High durability and resistance to kerb and pothole damage

Pirelli P Zero Winter

P Zero Winter is a high-performance tyre, most suitable to be used even in extremely cold climates. It’s a perfect tyre to be driven on snow-covered roads. It features an excellent tread design to cut through the snow.

  • Resistant to hydroplaning
  • Steering precision on wet roads
  • Good handling experience on dry roads

Pirelli Tyres offers an extensive range of premium, good quality tyres. Fiveways Tyres has different summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres by Pirelli. We’re open 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm. For more information, you can call us on +44 1638 718448, or email us at If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s tyres, Pirelli is the brand to invest in. Also, you may buy your favourite Pirelli tyres through our tyre finder tool. To get your purchased tyres fitted professionally book an appointment with us or select our mobile tyre fitting service.



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