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A majority of tyre manufacturers provide excellent seasonal tyres to meet the requirements of your vehicle as per the climatic condition of your region. In case, you reside in areas with extremely cold climatic conditions, and icy roads, you must purchase winter tyres for your car.

Winter tyres ensure safety and comfort without compromising on the performance while driving on snowy roads. If you are looking to buy winter tyres Mildenhall, feel free to visit us, at Fiveways Tyres or book them online via our website. 

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are specially designed with a soft rubber compound and increased biting edges to offer unmatched safety on icy roads. These tyres provide excellent traction and control when the temperature falls below 7 degrees. Also, a majority of winter tyres come with Zig Zag and lateral grooves to evacuate the water efficiently and prevent hydroplaning. 

Some of the best models of Winter Tyres are:

Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II

Winter Sottozero by Pirelli Tyres is best suited for sports and luxury cars. The tyre features an asymmetrical tread design to help your car grip effectively on icy and slippery roads.

  • The tyre performs efficiently even when the temperature falls below zero degrees due to the dynamic temperature compound in the tyres.
  • The sipes are designed to offer optimum gripping and stable performance on snow-laden roads.
  • Run-flat technology allows a motorist to drive at a speed of 50 mph for about 50 miles in case of a puncture in the tyre.

Continental WinterContact TS 860:

WinterContact TS 860 by Continental Tyres is an ideal winter tyre with the soft rubber compound, lateral groove design, and unique shoulder blocks to help you drive safely on icy, and snowy roads.

  • Liquid Layer Drainage in the tyres results in the less braking distance on icy roads.
  • Black Chili technology provides increased braking performance in winter weather conditions.
  • Snow Curve+ technology in the tyres offers efficient cornering performance and safety during driving.

Selecting and buying the right set of wintertyres can be difficult. Visit Fiveways Tyres and our experts will assist you in buying an appropriate set of winter tyres Mildenhall that will complement your car’s performance in harsh weather. Further, you can get your tyres fitted and aligned with us professionally for enhanced comfort and safety.

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